With the thermal imaging function, the RX2 Smart Glasses can detect temperatures of up to 1,000 people from a distance of up to 6 meters in just 1 minute. Its infrared sensor solution can be used in airports, schools, parks, workplaces and other high-risk locations.

thermal imaging system with facial recognition

up to 6m detection distance with ultra-fast, instant, moving face tracking display
Transparent screen

The right-hand eye has the high-resolution 480Nit display, through which you can always see the reality.

High-resolution thermal image

A 28.4-degree thermal imaging camera with a resolution of 384*288 pixels gives you a great view.

GDPR support

Offline: the glasses do not store or send any data.

moving measurement

The system works when walking, in a car, on a motorbike.


Touchpad, foreword instructions, head movement detection.

dual camera system

The dual camera system allows you to manage thermal image and normal image at the same time (with separate applications).

ergonomic design

The Smart Glasses X2 folding monocular augmented reality glasses (AR) have a lightweight design with a high-resolution display and excellent performance for a variety of tasks. The hands-free audio control interface and robust extensions for existing mobile devices make it extremely versatile.


The glasses can detect temperature from a distance of up to 6 meters. Contactless-to-touch is used to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease compared to a conventional hand thermometer. The display is immediate, while the infra manual thermometer is min. 5 seconds, which means a duration of 1.4 hours for 1000 people.

first-person view

The result of the temperature measurement is displayed in real time. When a high temperature is detected, an alarm is sounded.

Light and comfortable

Smart Glasses with infrared module weigh about 128 grams. Ergonomic design and heat dissipation provide long-term comfort.


Smart Glasses offers object recognition, remote assistance, audio and video recording, and other features that help you apply to a wide range of areas.

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