Education & Training

Managing our VR systems is very simple, but of course we gonna educate you onsite.

Business planning

We design your future VR park, tell you what to pay attention to, give suggestions on how to build a profitable VR business.

Build & Configuration

We are familiar with countless small secrets, using a stable, tested and proven system.


After the installation we will not release your hand, we gonna be constantly available. Monthly fixed maintenance are avaiable. (both remote or onsite)


If you don't want to deal with the daily routine at all, you can do this, our management systems can handle everything for you.

VR Experiences

We have unique virtual reality LBE experiences that are not available elsewhere, along with our own motivational system. This gonna make your vistors to return back to your park several times.

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Pop-Up VR

Small area, great possibilities

VR Simulator

Car racing, spaceship, roller coaster

Arena VR

Welcome to Another World!