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In the Delusion Park the physical world ends. Our objective is to allow people to physically move within the physical space, get them out of their seats and use their real legs and arms to discover and interact with different virtual 3D words. More specifically, we aim at combining a dedicated virtual space with a real one, and merge the visual and audio input provided by the VR headsets and other special sensors, gloves with the sense of touch and smell that only physical objects can offer. This would be achieved by combining VR headsets with a physical decor and interactive objects. Ultimately, our goal would be to create a flawless experience, which will be soon possible given the current rate of progress in both 3D environments and VR headsets technologies.


The system is designed for out-of-home entertainment centers and enables wireless, high-fidelity virtual reality. Players wear a custom head-mounted display and use a proprietary pistol or controller to interact with the game. The wireless technology allows for complete freedom of movement and enables multi-player in the same space. The system can be deployed in a wide variety of environments and is designed around performance, durability, and hygience.
Full-Motion Wireless VR Gaming
An entirely new platform for gaming, utilizing your entire body. Your body becomes the perfect controller and allows you to use your real-life athletic skills to compete in-game.
The technology is wireless and can scale in a room as small as 15' x 15' or as large as 150' x 75' (~11,000 square feet), users are able to explore and interact with virtual environments with no wires and completely intuitive movements. The experience is advertised to be fluid, seamless, natural and completely intuitive.
Utilizes predictive motion technology to offer smooth and realistic head motion
Multiple players are free to walk, turn, kneel and look about naturally
Supports full physical motion within small to large spaces
Totally wireless
Compatible with many existing game technologies and formats
Popular games can be customized for the Delusion Park experience
Single and dual-player modes are available
Uses ultra-fast positional tracking cameras operating at under 8 milliseconds
Multiple high-speed infra-red cameras never lose track of both; people and devices alike
Specification for HMD Gen 4 wireless
1280x800p display with a latency of < 45ms
Wireless transmission signal is 1920x1080@60hz in the 60Ghz band with less than
1ms of transmission latency
FOV = 100 degrees
2 ½ hour battery life
Removable, hygienic face liners
Specification for Laser Gun
Optical trigger, no signal is transmitted
Rated at 600,000 trigger pulls
Weight: 45 dkg, unique numbered Glock replica
VRcade space/size options
Arcade systems: : from 5x5m till 7x7m
Arena: from 150m2, till 500m2


The Future Of Virtual Reality Isn't Your Living Room - It's The Mall

Do you plan to start a business and do not know what? Want to have your own business next generation? Yes you are farsighted, look no further with Delusion VR Park you’ll see easy. This option is ideal for business, Delusion VR Park is ready to plug and play and start making money. Today the VR technology begins to be affordable for many people. Many companies already engaged in conduct contained in VR, and now only the good will that stand out.


Time Zombies is an intense zombie shooter designed specifically for full-motion VR. Players are rewarded for accuracy, speed, and awareness with a score which encourages competition and replayability. (Age 15<) Barking Irons is a cooperative/competitive multiplayer VR shooter where players are placed in the center of a town square and must shoot at mechanical bandits hiding behind destructible and indestructible obstructions. (Age 7<) Planktos is a magical bubble blasting experience. Players are underwater and must protect precious crystals from corrupted fish. (All age)


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Delusion Park (Élményfalu Tordas)
Tordas, 024/49. hrsz., 2463
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+36 30 299 5551

HQ: 3300 Eger, Faiskola u. 15. | TAX NO.: 25434491-2-10 (EU HU25434491) | REGISTRY NO.: 10-09-035492

VR 2Dof Motion Simulator

The Delusion Park MotionSIM is a strong 2Dof (dimension of freedom) motion simulator, made for heavy usage. It can be used as a rollercoaster, car racing sim or even a spaceship / flight SIM. It is available for rent and / or sale. If you're interested pls use our Contact form, and will contact you, as soon as we can.
Load capacity
up to 150 Kg
Roll / Pitch and Travel Speed
30 ° ; 180 ° / sec
Weight / Size
180 Kg ; 150cm x 140cm x 120cm
Power consumption
Single-phase, 220 V, 1.5kW.